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Whether you’re selling or purchasing a home, Eastern Title & Settlement is designed to represent your best interests, and ensure that the transaction goes smoothly guaranteeing you peace of mind.

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Commercial Title Insurance | Title Company

Eastern Title & Settlement is a premier provider of commercial title and escrow servicesincluding commercial & residential purchase agreements, title insurance, settlement services and more. In today’s real estate market, home buyers and business owners are faced with complex purchase agreements that require careful evaluation to ensure a successful transaction.

At Eastern Title & Settlement, we bring over 20 years of combined experience to the table. That is why we are able to guarantee the success of our customers’ residential and commercial purchase agreements, land title transactions and title insurance services. Our successful history is a testament to our dedication; our clients know they can rely on us for dependable, responsive and affordable service. Did we mention we serve clients in five languages? We have expertise handling real estate closings, land titles and purchase agreements not only in English, but Spanish, German, Chinese and Vietnamese as well. We are prepared to go the distance to ensure a successful transaction.

Real estate closings and other land title services can be difficult to navigate. Eastern Title & Settlement Company is ready to simplify the process. Our experience and dedication to customer service will help you efficiently and effectively complete your purchase agreements, land titles, refinancing, or any other significant residential or commercial real estate transactions. At Eastern Title & Settlement, we define our success by your satisfaction.

Do not start your real estate closings or commercial title purchases without the experts at Eastern Title & Settlement. If you want to guarantee the success of your purchase agreements and avoid unanticipated obstacles, Eastern Title & Settlement Company is ready to set the standard for your real estate closings, land titles and purchase agreement services.

We look forward to your questions and the opportunity to serve your real estate needs.

Eastern Title & Settlement is an agent of North American Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Title Company.