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Eastern Title and Settlement Case Studies

International Homebuyers Case Study

Eastern Title’s Foreign National Program is designed to provide home ownership opportunities for non-citizens in the United States. Under the Program’s stipulations, foreign homebuyers are able to utilize their country-based credit history and income to obtain real estate financing, as opposed to having to present American proof of credit, employment, and citizenship. Click here to read more (PDF).

Kathy and Rhys Williams Case Study

Kathy and Rhys Williams have been working as a real estate team for the past two years
in the Prince George’s County, Maryland area. They approach real estate from a
community prospective and participate in many community events such as backpack
drives and first-time homebuyer seminars. It’s their goal to educate individuals about the
home buying process. Click here to read more (PDF).

Lily Chedruary Case Study

Lily Chedruary has been a realtor for over ten years in the Maryland, D.C. and Virginia
area. While she specializes in vacant homes, she also has the ability to help dress
occupied homes as well, and is consistently among the top three agents in her firm. Her
fluency in Spanish allows her to reach out to and work with a larger client base than
otherwise would be possible. Most of Lily’s new business stems from referrals and many
of her new clients tend to be first time buyers. Click here to read more (PDF).

Molly Galagher Case Study:

Molly Galagher is a property developer in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and
Maryland area. She has been working in property development for the past fifteen years
and partnering with Eastern Title and Settlement for the past six years. She was originally
referred to Eastern Title and Settlement through a friend. Since then, all of her closings
have been handled by the team at Eastern Title and Settlement. Click here to read more (PDF).

Ramzi Case Study:

Ramzi Dalbah is a seasoned real estate agent with a dozen years of experience in the District, Maryland and Virginia area. Licensed in Maryland and Virginia, he has been with D.C.-based A-K Real Estate, Inc., for 11 years. He learned about Eastern Title and Settlement five years ago through a loan officer, Pan Huang at EverBank in Bethesda, who has known company president Josh Greene for many years. Click here to read more (PDF).